Why Bellinus?

With Bellinus you can stay in hotels that are committed to sustainability in México.

With Bellinus you can stay in hotels that are committed to sustainability in Mexico, as we categorize them based on their environmental, social and economic impact

Why sustainability and tourism are important?

The planet is currently undergoing an environmental and social crisis due to Global Warming caused by high concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere, and also due to phenomena of social exclusion and marginalization.

By being the main factor of mobility worldwide, it also has a negative impact on:


Generation of waste and pollution


Excessive use of natural resources


The depletion of ecosystems

Which are the Bellinus sustainable categories?

With Bellinus you will have the possibility to make responsive decisions on your next bookings. The way we guarantee you this is through a careful sustainable evaluation that adheres to the guidelines of the UN's 2030 Agenda.


We believe that tourism has a great power of change, that is why we seek to transform the industry. Together making better decisions when traveling we can contribute to the planet. Join the Bellinus community and be a responsible traveler.


You will get better commissions according to your level of sustainability.

More Range

It reaches today's travelers, those concerned about the environment who seek responsible experiences with the planet.


Modernize your consumption strategies and optimize resources.

Distinguish yourself

Distinguish yourself as a socially responsible company and increase the loyalty of your customers.


It manages to differentiate your company and highlights your commitment to the world.


Access payments with digital assets and be part of our rewards system through Blockchain.


Bellinus is a reservation platform that is characterized by hosting on its site hotels committed to environmental and social care, in this way, we offer you the certainty of choosing a lodging with characteristics and practices that are sustainable with the environment and the locality that you will visit.

All hotels registered on our platform go through a sustainable evaluation that adheres to the guidelines of the UN 2030 agenda, with which we guarantee that they comply with practices that prioritize the correct use of natural resources such as water, soil and energy, that have adequate waste management, promote and support the sustainable economic development of the locality and contribute to the care of the tangible and non-tangible heritage of the art, culture, customs, gastronomy community, among others.

To make your reservation you only need to choose the hotel that suits your needs or that has the characteristics you are looking for, then you must select the type of room and services with which you want to be accommodated, then make the payment for your reservation and that's it. , you will have booked a hotel committed to the world and society.

The worlds indicate the sustainable rating of the hotel. For Bellinus, the sustainable commitment of our hotels is important, which is why we prioritize this evaluation over comfort. Based on the number of worlds (1 minimum to 5 maximum) you will be able to know the level of sustainability of the hotel in its 3 environmental, social and economic areas.

A sustainable hotel is one that does not compromise the natural resources of the region, carrying out sustainable practices in its use and consumption, likewise, they are hotels that contribute to the growth and development of their locality, providing jobs, opportunities, equity and promote local consumption.

As a traveler you have consumption needs that need to be covered, such as water consumption, floor wear, energy consumption, food, etc. all this implies an impact on the destination you visit, when you choose Bellinus, thanks to the sustainable practices of our hotels you reduce your impact considerably, in addition to the fact that your travel footprint reduces its pollution levels, that is why choosing Bellinus is choosing environmental responsibility and Social.


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